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8-28 Keynote Speech

Glenn Beck's Letter To His Daughter 2010 [Used in Speech at Liberty U Graduation] 

Glenn Beck's CPAC Speech, February 22 2010 


Glenn Edward Lee Beck Quotes
"Question With Boldness, Hold To The Truth, Speak Without Fear"

"Social Justice: Forced redistribution of wealth with a hostility towards individual property under the guise of charity and or justice."

"Its really not a smear when you use people's own words [IN CONTEXT]"

"There's nothing more American than deporting people who disagree with you, right brian?" (said with Hilarious sarcasm :) 

"People will confuse the truth with hate. Don't. The truth can be hard to hear sometimes, but when your doctor tells you, you have cancer he dos'nt hate you. 'Why do all these doctors hate me? They keep telling me that I have cancer!' Because they're trying to save you! We could go to a doctor and have him tell us that we have sniffels and that's what everybody in Washington is doing. 'Oh no keep going, keep going your fine.' I and millions of other Americans are the doctors that are saying you have cancer and we can treat it, but its radical treatment, but if you don't take it we're gonna die. I don't hate you, I don't hate you. We must reach out to those friends of ours and I know you already have, we must find ways to have civil dialogues with reasonable people."

"Do not confuse the Truth with Hatred"

"Not Racist, Not Violent, Just no longer Silent"

"and when you figure it out they change the name again believe me social and ecological justice and all this bull crap is gonna be changed again, its not the Lord's work it is man's work for a global government" May 12, 2010
"I believe in the finger of God being on this nation. But I do not believe in Manifest Destiny. There is a difference between divine providence and manifest destiny.
Divine providence is when you find yourself doing something, and trying to live your life right, and all of a sudden your like 'Oh my gosh, we thought we made this error, we thought were going here, or, we only stood here because we felt it was the right thing to do and look at the finger of God now here at the end.'
Manifest destiny is: 'God sent me on a mission get outta my way!'
There's a huge difference, there's a huge difference, and the difference is arrogance. Manifest destiny and divine providence; some people don't see a difference between, because they're very, they're very similar exactly like charity and social justice, exactly like individual salvation and collective salvation." (7-23-10)
“Climate change is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, because the climate always changes, it is constantly changing”

"The only way to waste a vote is to not vote, the only way to fix the system is to get up and vote, get up and vote now!"

 ”Where you go I will go. Where you lodge I will lodge. Your people are my people, your God is my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried” - [youtube]

"We love the Jewish people as they are" said at 8-21 restoring Love rally, in reference to Christian's need to love Jews without trying to convert them.  

“This whole system has been built to tell you, your not really complete without this certain product, or this certain label that your buying, or a certain philosophy or a certain politician, or a certain network. It’s a lie. You have everything you need. You come to Earth complete, as long as you have the truth.”

"Slavery is more than just the whips and the chains, that's horrible, but it also means your spirit, your opportunity to be who you are, everything. When they take away your ability, tell me, tell me if you're ignorant, how you're not a slave? You're a slave, To everything and everything everybody tells you." -



Glenn On Immigration, not disagreeing with the President of the Chamber of Commerce on Immigration 10-14-10 H3
"Now here's where we disagree. I disagree with the idea of open borders and uh and and everything else uh, I, I believe in the rule of law and enforce[ing] our own laws, um, I don't demonize those people who are here, they're um, people who have come here illegally and and they really do want a... I mean if I were a family, if I was a dad and had a family, in Mexico, damn right if I saw America not enforcing their own laws and I could get out of a country spiraling out of control and closer and closer to a drug narco-state, you'd bet I'd get outta there. Um, so its not about them its about us, we need to enforce our own laws while we make the door of our country bigger and easier to bring people in legally so we know who's here, and we... [yeah I would completely agree with what you just said]" 

Glenn Beck puts into context endless out of context accusations

"this is horrible to say and I wonder if I'm alone in this. You know it took me about a year to start hating the 911 victims' families. Took me about a year. um, and I had such compassion for them and I real.. you know and I wanted to help em, & I was behind em and you know lets give em money, lets get started, you know all of this stuff. And I really didn't you know, all the three thousand victims' families, I don't hate all of them, you know, I hate about ten of them. And you know but when I see, you know a 9/11 victim family on television, or whatever, I’m just like, ‘Oh shut up’ I’m so sick of them because they’re always complaining and we did our best for em. And you know, again, its only about ten."


8-28-2010 Restoring Honor

How New Paper Front Pages Covered 8-28 -

How  Online Media Front Pages Covered 8-28 -

What It Was About Confirmed Beforehand By Glenn Beck -
GB Discussing [Then Upcoming] 8-28, and The Response

CL Jackson's Acceptance Speech for the Restoring Honor Rally's Badge of Merit 8-28-10

8-28-Restoring Honor Rally full coverage

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predictions TIMELINE, very very incomplete 

Glenn came across the threats of Bin Laden in the 90s, said there would be buildings and bodies in the streets of New York, ['won't someone pay attention and take this guy seriously']

then, 9-11


The Egyptian Revolution began, Glenn said this could spread across the middle east, it did.

Addressing The Examiner's Mischaracterizations

0. the Examiner's Ryan Witt seems bewildered at the 'mystery' as to how Beck came up with the 85% number for how often he was right [don't be a jackass about hyperbole].

1. Van Jones NOT a Convicted Felon

He got it wrong and upon realizing it, immediately corrected it. No one could be expected to do more or less. It along with the firing of Van Jones, [never Beck's goal], distracted from Beck's true purpose: the spotlight being shined on White House Hiring practices. The legitimacy of the question is recorded in the East Bay Express, in Van Jones' own words. "I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th... By August, I was a communist.", "I'm willing to forgo the cheap satisfaction of the radical pose for the deep satisfaction of radical ends"
2. Believing that FEMA Camps Exist

In context it is clear that his researchers "Could not debunk" them, which is not the same as proving them. It is clear Beck misunderstood a briefing and upon looking at the research himself discovered it to not be as complete as he thought.

They understand freedom, I gotta tell you, We don’t even understand freedom anymore. We are a country that is headed toward socialism, totalitarianism, beyond your wildest imagination.
I have to tell you, I’m doing a story tonight, that, I wanted to debunk these FEMA camps, I’m tired of hearing about them, You know about them? [No] I wanted to debunk them, well we’ve now for several days done research on them, I can’t debunk them, and we’re going to cary the story tonight. [I don’t know anything about them]
It is our government, if you trust our government its fine, if you have any kind of fear that we are headed towards a totalitarian state, look out, buckle up, there’s something going on in our country that is, uh, aint good…
No they’re not FEMA Trailors, FEMA Prisons. FEMA “CAMPS”, these were actual prisons that were built under the Bush administration. And they were built for a couple of specific reasons. One, was for a massive influx of Illegal Immigrants that we would have to jail. Now, they’re sitting there empty, if you’ve got a problem in California, why aren’t we using those? ? Its an odd thing, it has nothing to do with that. And we’re actually considering, not enforcing our law, yet again in California. Here people were taken off of the streets, violent criminals some of them, and we’re just going to dump them back into the streets! California is absolutely out of control. You want to see your future, America, if we continue to do this, just look to California. Cause that’s where we’re headed!…
[And these prisons are all over the US] yeah, [and they’re all empty] yeah, and they’re all… well here’s the thing, you’ll see it tonight, you’ll see that tonight. And I’ll tell you, you know, something just doesn’t sit right with me. You know we were talking off the air, we have a standing batallion in this country in Maryland. Its not the National Guard. I’m, my show’s going to send out letters to all of the Governors, I want all of the governors on record, saying they will not allow the United States Army or any branch of the Military, [in] unless they call them up. [What’s this batallion supoosed to do] Its for ‘emergencies’. Its for civil unrest. [Like the national guard?] uh yeah but its not the National Guard. [its a super guard?] Its a super guard. [When did it start] August it was started, they say it was for September eleventh, but it was actually put into place this last August. [So you’re saying we’re having trouble for a while for reqruiting the military, but you’re saying we didn’t have any trouble forming this force? Well who pays for it?] The United States Government, you do, your taxe dollars are going to pay for it. Its against the Constitution. [Alright yesterday you said you were in favor of marijuana being legalized you have ten seconds to defend it! haha] Only for this reason, let’s have the real debate, they’re talking about a budget crisis in there [California], we’ve got Mexico burning down. We either enforce our laws and put people who smoke pot behind bars, or we legalize it to relieve the pressure done on the border and we relieve the pressure, so we don’t have a Constitutional crisis. Obama says there’s a Federal law against it but California if you want it great and you pass it and I won’t enforce the law. Enforce the laws or change them.”

Glenn Beck (via mediaexposed)
Here’s what Beck said on his show THAT NIGHT, “I don’t believe in the FEMA Prison… As I came in and did the show today [Fox and Friends], and then I went into my office and I was looking at all the research that was being compiled and it wasn’t complete. And I am not willing to bring something to you that is half baked. If these things exist, that’s bad, and we will cover it. If they don’t its irresponsible to Not debunk this story.” -Glenn Beck
Asderathos: The SAME DAY context shows Beck was plainly informed by staff that they ‘couldn’t debunk it’, and shortly believed they existed, saying so on
In an aside, Beck sometimes USED TO refer to getting his show staffers to do something as “I” did this or “I” did that. Part of the veneer of Television that he TORE OFF when he left FN.
Aaand of course later, he debunked the living crap outta em.

3. Hyper-inflation

Beck has warned about the risks of inflation, deflation, and hyperinflation. He has also stipulated he didn't know when hyperinflation would happen, [and hoped he was wrong] so it not happening YET does not make him wrong.
Of course the official inflation rate numbers are BUNK. They discount Food and Energy to come up with the Govt. numbers. 

4. Buy Gold

Beck has always disclosed that he buys gold the "Crazy Way" [old gold coins] and has not predicted a "spike". Gold however has gone up since he started promoting Gold-Line, from $700 an ounce to over $1500. 
This is the lamest attack you could possibly make on Beck. Also he tells you to do your own research.
"I don't buy gold as an investment ... I buy it as insurance"
"Find out if its right for you, its not right for everybody."

"I buy it in an insane way, I buy old gold coins, ask them why I buy pre-1933 gold coins, please whatever you do, just don't buy paper gold." 
-Glenn Beck
5. The Complete Lives System or Death Panels

If you understand the behavioral forces behind Obama-Care, and about the "Complete Lives System", you recognize the argument has ALWAYS been, Obama care subsidizes competition out of business, creates shortages, which demands rationing: with the decision of prioritizing treatment in the hands of the government.
Immense numbers of doctors vowed to, and have quit.

6. Cash for clunkers website notification 

Cash for clunkers website notification claimed authorization to access your computer's data un-restrictively. Glenn pointed this out, he did not claim it had happened, but that the info suggested it could be justified. Could and Would are two different words, dummy dumb dumb dumbs.

7. Herbert Hoover PROGRESSIVE

Reconstruction Finance Corporation, although not a direct parallel operated for the same "bail out" goals as TARP. Hoover was a proponent of the concept that public-private cooperation was the way to achieve high long-term growth [very NOT Conservative].
Hoover ran on Engineering credentials. [Its doubtful the Examiner has the same definition of "Conservative" as Glenn, who's does not include Tariff's in it's criteria; two words, Smoot-Hawley.

8. DDT

Starts at 6:44

9. The Civilian National Security Force

That's an Obama QUOTE. Perhaps a self negating prophecy; Everyone went ape-dung over it so it could not happen.

10. Eric Massa Interview
When this is in the top 10 times Beck was "wrong" [and its only the second legitimate item], I think its about time to laugh one's ass off. He smooth talked his way into an interview with the carrot of illegal goings on, got an hour of air time for 5 minute's worth of, very legal, dirt. 

11. Shirley Sherrod

These idiots at the examiner take Beck's characterization that FN didn't "report on the story" until after she resigned TRUE, and try and promote supposed commercial plugs [uncited, which I never saw] and the website as if it were the same thing. BUT all that's balderdash.
THE ONE WHO FIRED HER DID SO ON THE BASIS THAT IT WOULD, future tense, BE ON GLENN BECK TONIGHT. There was no plug. Beck didn't even know about it. None of the shows presumed to have 'plugged the story' had been on yet. And I thought Eric Massa was pathetic.
00. As an easy sampling [for me] they link to a slew of 'fact checks' by politifact and they mark Van Jones being an avowed "Revolutionary Communist" as "mostly false" WHEN HE SAID HE WAS IN HIS OWN WORDS. and I thought the Shirley Sherrod BS was pathetic.


10% of Muslims are Terrorist-E "World Public Opinion", Glenn = Right.