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How to Argue against Socialism Synopsis Part 2

How to Argue against Socialism and Defend Capitalism by Aaron Clarey

Part 2 Youtube Video

eg. Arguing with Leftists
  • Change Topics? Can’t pin them down?
  • “Oh yeah, Bush is Hitler?”
  • Conspiracy theories? 
  • I just “feel”
  • Name calling – racist, sexist, fascist 
  • Arguing with people WHO DON’T LIVE IN REALITY 
  • Norwegian Philosophy Doctorate
You can show leftists the charts and the data and they’ll dismiss it even though it’s right there in black and white. They don’t live in reality. Clarey went for a 7 mile walk with a Norwegian Philosophy Doctorate, and by the time they got back he’d painted them in such a corner that they said “Well I don’t really believe in reality, I believe it’s the perception, my perception is reality”. YOU DON’T WANT THAT PERSON IN GOVERNMENT! That’s what you’re arguing with.

  • Have no fear but confidence 
  • ARGUE THE TRUTH – “If you only argue the truth, you will never lose an argument.”
  • Treat capitalism like a science 
  • Must know the EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE to prove capitalism - ECONOMICS
When it comes to Capitalism you are arguing one thing, and one thing only, THE TRUTH And not in a Religious way, but in data and statistics.  If you always argue the truth you will always be right. Why would you argue anything but the truth? We’re not little children anymore and gee lets have free health care for everyone and puppies and unicorns.

III. Empirical Evidence of the Superiority of Capitalism
No, Not ALL the evidence

We have 5% of the population, we account for one fifth of the world GDP;
That is 5 times its proportionate weight in economic production.


Skyrocketing Increase in standards of living.
This dramatic skyrocketing increase in standards of living was incentivized by what? Care? Compassion? NO, they could make oodles of money stick it in their ears and jump off of cliffs into water.
This comes from a Report In 1986, The Key thing to look at is GDP Per Capita (yer standard measure of  livings)… the USA = 100, they just index it to 100. Roughly Soviet standards of living were one third of that of the USA.  GDP is production, CPA is consumption, which is considerably less, about a quarter, primarily because the Soviet Union produced a lot of military wares and exported it. It’s really hard to eat a MIG 25 FOXBAT they’re kinda crunchy kinda bad on the teeth.



Communism was ushered out under Dang Chow Pang in 1978
(Clarey Questions this data but the same data source/methodology of measures shows twice the growth under “Capitalism”)


You want to compare similar regions and people to one another. It is unfair to compare Norway to South Africa; too many cultural and climate differences; however the Cayman Islands and Bermuda are very similar to Cuba, they are also “Tax Havens” they have not corporate or income tax but they absolutely dwarf the Socialist Utopia known as Cuba. Similar climate Much higher standard of living the key difference is they implemented capitalism to a much more extreme extent than the United states has while Cuba is a totalitarian Dictatorship.

Ireland once the armpit of Europe with roughly 65% the standard of living of the average European country, Until they cut their social spending and lowered their taxes. Over time GDP per capita has skyrocketed to Almost 140% the European Average. Achieved by lowering corporate taxes, lower than any other country in Eorope so headquarters for Companies flocked to Ireland NOT FRANCE.  

Similar Culture, similar area, Same Country. Hong Kong from 1962-1978 - 8.8% real [annual] GDP growth, China 7.1%, same Communist era.
The 50s and late 40s of China were horrible [much worse] but wanting to compare apples to apples Clarey went with the 62-78 data set because the Hong Kong records only went back to '62.

Focus on the Pink because that is just before reunification.

The BEST Example of two extremely different economic systems [but Apples vs Apples]

Larger Point 
  • Not even debatable
  • Capitalism has proven itself time and time again
  • Should not even be having a discussion

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