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How to Argue against Socialism Synopsis Part 3

How to Argue against Socialism and for Capitalism by Aaron Clarey Synopsis 

Part 3 Youtube Video 

IV. Capitalism is Logical Socialism is Not

Forget Empirical Evidence - Use Logic
  • Capitalism stands on its logical merits alone
  • Unless well researched and studied, will not have tons of economic data memorized
  • Most people won't believe you anyway
  • Logical Arguments also point out the stupidity of the left.
  • Stepping stone to converting leftists 
You will never convince a leftist with charts Clarey has tried, they've denied it, they won't listen to you. If you tax everbody and redistribute the wealth equally, where's the incentive to become the next Bill Gates? The left has No Empirical Data to support Socialism. They have not thought it through. Again you won't get them with the Data, they'll fall asleep and say lets go get some Chai Tea or something.

Socialism Can't Refute 5th Grade Logic
  • The stupidity and inanity of Communism
  • "If I make the same why work?"
  • "If you pay me not to work, why work?"
  • "If you bail everybody out why should I pay my mortgage?"
  • "If nobody works who wil make the food?" 
 When Clarey was in the fifth grade his social studies teacher said "What would happen in a communist country where everyone makes the same amount? or What would happen if you were paid the same amount whether you worked or not?" in the 5th grade over 25 years ago that made sense to Clarey. "I wouldn't work I'd play video games all day!" 20 years later no socialist has been able to explain this away.

Gun Control Example of Logic
  • Cannot refute "If we ban guns only criminals will have them." [Cops cannot be everywhere all the time] 
  • Cannot refute "if law abiding citizens have guns, then what's the problem?" 
Microcosmic Example.

"Think of the children!"

Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bombings Example of Logic 
  • Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki SAVED LIVES
  • MORE people would have died if not bombed ["Operation Downfall" was aptly named, because it would have been OURS, women & children were told to fight with sticks, this would have broken our will to fight]
  • Dresden fire-bombings caused more death than Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Logic Goes Over the head of the "Anti War" crowd, all the care about is the crusade. They're still all like- "No, should not have dropped them!" 
Simple Logical Foundation of Capitalism

"Allowing people to keep the VAST MAJORITY of the fruits of their labor will result in a more productive society than one where productive people are taxed to pay other people to not be productive at all."

Its that simple. "Its more complicated than that" -Nancey Pelosi, NO IT'S NOT! Fabricated Complication is where Leftists THRIVE! If you tax it you deter it. If you pay people not to work, they won't if you incentivize having children they will.

Perfect Example - US Tax Code
  • 16,845 pages of tax code (2006)   [2,500 pages of tax code (2008)]
  • Estimated $125-$140 Billion
  • 6.5 billion hours (another $125 Billion) 
  • Sales tax or flat tax (Russia) 
Politicians bribe the Masses into Voting for them [FLAT/FAIR TAX NOW]

All You HAve To  Do Is THINK!!!
  • I think therefor I'm dangerous
  • Economics is  NOT that complicated 
  • Since capitalism is REALITY it therefor Must be logical  
Just Printing More Money Will Cause Hyper Inflation

V. Thinking Vs. Feeling Vs. Knowing

Most Leftists "Feel" They Don't "Know"
  • Socialism is an emotionally based ideology
  • Has no basis in reality
  • "Feels good" Intentions are what matters
  • Room for error is enormous 
  • Room for being taken advantage of is cataclysmic 
 They want to do good by they're too lazy to think about HOW to do good. A LOT of money has been spent on Africa (1.2-1.5 T$) has it improved? NO, its a HOLE. CHINA IS INVESTING because of the resources and they're doing more good!.

We have to make it known what will work. Leftists Recycle and Drive a Prius and that's about it, they don't actually find out what policies do good.

The Saint Republicans

From St. Olaf and St. Thomas; they were arrogant but could not argue for Capitalism, but because they liked money.

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