Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Parable of Pizza on the Train via Stu & Pat, 4th Hour 8-29-12

  • Stu: A friend of mine, Shawn, [& I] we were out, it was a late night out, one of those a late drinking night I believe. And leaving New York City, he departed, it was, I dunno it hadda be one or two in the morning at this point & the whole group broke up...
  • Pat: and you don't really drink that much do you?
  • Stu: No, but uh this particular evening
  • Pat: You had?
  • Stu: I had many drinks I'd say at that point. And Shawn decided to take the train home, as he had to, I think he lives in New Jersey somewhere, and he was on the train and before he got on the train he was going to buy some pizza, and he wanted a couple of slices and as a capitalist he decided to look at the pricing mechanisms and make an important decision, which was not to buy two slices of pizza or three slices of pizza but to buy a large pizza. And Shawn the brilliant business man that he is, got on the train and started eating his pizza which he you know, he bought it for like fifteen dollars or something like that, and bought the pizza, ate three slices of pizza as he was planning, sold four slices of pizza to individual people on the train for five dollars a slice, because they were also comming home from a late night of drinking,
  • Pat: genius
  • Stu: and then to make a point to the other people for criticizing him for selling it to them at such a high price, he gave one of the slices away to another person who didn't have the money, and said, 'this is what a capitalist does I've made a profit and now I'm giving some to charity.' and he actually made that announcement drunkenly on the train.
  • Pat: Awesome
  • Stu: That's a solid evening right there. He paid for his train ticket he paid for the pizza, pocketed a little bit of money for himself and gave something away to charity, That's America.