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How to Argue against Socialism Synopsis Part 1

How to Argue against Socialism and Defend Capitalism by Aaron Clarey

Part 1 - Youtube Video

Purpose of this Presentation
  • To stop the wave of socialism currently sweeping the US (This is not hyperbole)
  • To educate the ignorant and uninformed more importantly educate those conservatives, libertarians, and other freedom loving folk to effectively defend and argue for capitalism
  • To reinstitute the principles that made the US great and prosperous
  1. The Philosophy of Capitalism
  2. Argumentative Tatics
  3. Statistics/Empirical Evidence
  4. Researching Resources
This is a Primer, it won’t solve all arguments, but it will solve most.


1 Merits of the Capitalist Ideology

                Capitalism is Moral and Noble
  • Not a “Shameful” ideology
  • Responsible for practically all advancement in humanity
  • Single most important factor in increasing standards of living
  • Has eliminated poverty more than anything else in history
  • Has done so FOR THE MASSES
Understand, Usually most of us have a shame about being Capitalists there is a stigma attached to being Capitalists but when Capitalism is implemented, poverty is wiped out or at least severely lessened, and  standards of living raised for the masses. If you familiarize yourself with the history of Capitalism you will find it is moral/noble, it just happens to be mutually beneficial for both entrepreneurs and regular workers.

                Capitalism is Freedom
  • Made it possible for individuals to amass wealth rather than steal 
  • Unshackles men from slavery and provides true freedom
  • Advances in technology that has imp0roved standards of living
  • Unleashes innovation
  • Unleashes the true productive potentioal of the masses – North Korean streets vs. US Rush Hour
Aaron Clarey is a “Libertarian” and is “Pro in those categories” of social issues like “Abortion” and [so called] “Gay Rights” but the larger point is that those are quite irrelevant if you are a slave to the government. Economic Freedom is the Primary and Key Freedom by which all other freedoms are guaranteed. Without which the masses are impoverished. Property Rights; Capitalism, frees up men to keep the vast majority of the product of their labor. In the past labor was attained by conquest/theft. Free Men work harder (because they're in control of their own destiny) for themselves and Innovation is Unleashed; the increase in production benefits Government. 

St. Paul highway 94; We willingly tolerate Rush Hour every day to improve our lives.

The North Korean Masses have not been incentivized to mobilize.

Wealth Production will come from the incentivized Mobilized force, not the hermit kingdom.


Capitalism is Moral, Noble, Just; it is arguably the greatest force for good in human history. [I’ll say it, on par with Jesus]

You Should Have PRIDE, don’t hem and haw, shout it out, I LOVE MONEY, Stick it in your ears and run around, bathe in money! But also realize it’s a force for good.

II. Capitalism as a LAW, not an Ideology

Capitalism is NOT ‘an Ideology’, It’s Reality
  • Key philosophical point that must be understood
  • Capitalism is a LAW like GRAVITY
  • You cannot argue AGAINST IT
  • It Just “is.”
Socialism is an Ideal, Capitalism is Real.

eg – Policy 
  • Governments, institutions and people that implement policies or make decision BASED IN REALITY will be MORE EFFECTIVE AND SUCCESSFUL
  • Jumping of a cliff and expecting to fly
  • Corporate taxes 
  • Oppressing people economically and expecting production 
  • Closer to reality, the closer to CAPITALISM the better and more effective your policies and your society
  • No surprise the most successful countries are those with capitalist economic system
Let people keep the vast majority of their wealth and they will produce more and take care of themselves. If you say well, Flowers and Unicorns Obama and Free Chocolates for everyone, oh gee I hope people work even though they are taxed fifty percent; it’s not going to happen.

The Solution to the Recession RIGHT NOW is Eliminate Corporate Taxes FOREVER. A Flood of international and national investment capital would ensue but that’s not based in ‘idealism’.

In Venezuela Hugo Chavez keeps jacking up the percentage of oil revenue he takes so No oil company is going to set up shop any time soon.

No company dares set foot in Cuba, except abu dabi but if you look at some of the middle eastern investments, they made in the US Banking investments in 2006-2007 they may not know exactly what they’re doing.

eg. Worthless Degrees
  • People ignora starting salaries
  • Major in “fluff” 
  • But just because they graduate they “BELIEVE” they are entitled to a job 
  • Rude awakening for philosophy or journalism majors
The Vast Majority of people who major in worthless degrees, Sociology, Philosophy, Women’s Studies, Anthropology, are of a leftist stripe. When they can’t find jobs; that is reality hitting their idealism.

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