Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Black Founders of the American Revolution

Black Founders of the American Revolution

1789 the US banned territories with slavery from becoming a state

1794 the US banned exportation of slaves

1808 the US banned the importation of slaves (Enacted Law that  was written earlier)

1820 the US Congress starts repealing

The Confederate Constitution was about slavery

You couldn't join unless you were a Slave State

You couldn't stay in if you ended slavery

Original Name "The Slave Holding Confederate States of America"

The last official adress of his excellency George Washington


The Reverand Apslan Jones (Treated Yellow Fever) & Richard Alan

Benjamin Rush (Philadelphia)

Thomas Hercules (A free Negro man) Elected Town Clerk in the Borough of Eafton, Pennsylvania, July 6th 1792

"This we mention as a proof of the growing liberality of the present age, when virtue and worth alone, and not mere colour, or trippery of rank and splendor, begin to recomend a man be recommended for places of trust and confidence."

We had legislatures in texas that were probably 60-70% Black (erased from history)


The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution by William Cooper Nell (Google Books)

Setting The Record Straight: American history In Black And White by David Barton


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